Industrial 2_5 tum IDE Flash Disk 64MB

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IDE Flash Disk is a storage device based on flash memory technology, which emulates an ordinary magnetic hard disk drive. It provides an all in one module solution for solid-state flash storage. Fully IDE compatible, the IDE MicroFlash Disk is the perfect choice to replace rotating magnetic hard drives. It is suitable for use in portable and embedded systems, which have limited space and power consumption.


·          Fully Compatible With IDE Interface

·          Complies with Standard ATA Interface

·          No noise , No Seek Error

·          Shock Resistance

·          No Latency Delay

·          Various Capacities : 64MB to 2GB

·          Low Power Consumption



·          Embedded System

·          POS System

·          Security System

·          Vending Machine

·          IPC

·          IA

·          NAS

·          Set-Top-Box / VPN

·          Thin/ISP Client

·          WindowsR Based Terminal(WBT)

·          Web Server

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