Ultrakompakt brygga / AP /repeater 802.11BGN

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En fantastisk produkt som är en av de minsta i sitt slag (94mm x 45mm x 15mm). Fullmatad med funktioner och med den senaste AC-tekniken och dual band. Som brygga är produkten tex ett bra alternativ för att få en trådlös anslutning till en maskin som annars bara har trådbundet nätverk. Används ofta av servicetekniker för industrimaskiner. Som AP används den ofta på hotellrum eller tillfälliga kontor. Som repeater är det oftast i trånga utrymmen som denna produkt används.
Går att spänningsmata med 5 – 15V DC (USB eller tex AC/DC laddare).
1. Support wide voltage DC5-15V power supply, two-stage automatic overvoltage protection;
2. Suppot 2.4G
3. RF power: 2.4G–14.5dBm
4. Support WiFi transmission protocols such  802.11n
5. WiFi transmission rate: 300Mbps (2.4G)
6. Point-to-point barrier-free maximum transmission distance: 100 meters (802.11N);
7. Support connecting more than 20pcs WiFi terminal at the same time;
8. Adopt temperature compensated auto frequency control technology (TAFC), WiFi signal is more stable and not easy to drop;
9. Original creation VDNS virtual domain configuration technology to solve the user’s trouble of configuration;
10. Built-in heat sink with convection cooling holes on both sides of the housing for more efficient heat dissipation;
11. WiFi intelligent bridge function, wireless to wired, wired to wireless intelligent switching;
12. Support manually close SSID broadcast, manually close WiFi hardware;
13. Support WEB management, Chinese and English configuration interface;
14. Support SSA signal strength detection and reporting function to realize WiFi mobile positioning;
15. Working environment temperature: -40 ° C to 55 ° C;
16. Support IP layer transparent transmission and MAC layer transparent transmission two bridge modes to meet various bridge applications:
IP layer transparent transmission (factory default), transparent transmission of IP layer data, can meet most of the bridge applications;
MAC layer transparently transmits all data above the MAC layer (link layer) and the MAC layer, including IP layer data;
MAC transparent transmission can solve some special applications for MAC layer encryption, such as GoPro camera, Cisco AP, Hikvision monitoring system, etc.
Protocol Standards IEEE 802.11bgn

IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b;

Transmission rate 2.4GHz band: 300Mbps
External interface A USB/DC power cable;

A set of 10/100m adaptive Ethernet cable

Button Reset button (long press 5 seconds, then release, the device will automatically restore the factory )
LED Status instruction:

Ethernet port status light (Yellow);

2.4G WiFi connection status light (Blue);

Antenna  Built-in 2pcs Smart omnidirectional 2.4G Antennas, 1.5dbi;
Product size 94mm x 45mm x 15mm(L x W x H)
Item weight 72g
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