ITX Nätaggregat DC DC 200W Micro ATX

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Word’s smallest ATX power solution
New! Pentium4 Support ! This product can power most P4 motherboards running up to 3.0Ghz ! Compact design, less cables. The power supply is the only cableless micro-atx dc to dc power supply for. Compatible with an entire range of mini-itx motherboards (as well as other board types) such as VIA EPIA M 6000, EPIA M 9000, EPIA-M 10000, EPIA-1000 MII, provides cool, silent power for your small mini-itx board from a single 12V power source.

Reduce space. Eliminate 20 unnecessary wires by connecting directly into the motherboard ATX connector. The power supply 12V dc-dc converter was designed from ground up to fit VIA’s mini-itx form factor, allowing case designers to save space while not compromising power requirements.

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