ITX Nätaggregat DC DC 100W EPIA

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En av marknadens bästa och smidigaste DC DC omvandlare (12 VDC till ATX 2.1) för ITX EPIA moderkort. Modulen snäpper man fast direkt i ATX kontakten utan något mellankablage. Komplettera med produkten ITX Spänningsregulator 12 VDC för mobila applikationer (tex i bilar). Komplettera med någon av produkterna “Omvandlare 230 VAC till 12 VDC” för normalt inomhusbruk (230 VAC matningsspänning). Även de kompletterande produkterna finns under denna kategori.

Compact design, less cables. This procuct is the only cableless mini-atx power supply for the VIA platform. Compatible with an entire range of mini-itx motherboards such as VIA EPIA CL 10000, EPIA-V, EPIA-5000, EPIA-800, Lucky Star Mini-itx, FIC C3 933 This converter provides cool, silent power for your small mini-itx board. Additionally, the module can power your EPIA M 60000, EPIA M 9000 or EPIA-M 10000 or other VIA C3/Celeron boards by using a small ATX extension cable.

Reduce space. Eliminate 20 unnecessary wires by connecting directly into the ATX connector. Measuring just 170x37mm, the converter was designed from ground up to fit VIA’s  mini-itx form factor, it even uses the same mounting screws.

DC/DC Converter Cables
12V In with 2.5mm standard jack, standard HDD and Floppy connector and a 5V out.

Overload protection
An over load protection will be effected when either of the loadings:+5V & +3.3V exceeds +120% to 160%. The power supply won’t be automatically recovered after the overload being removed.

Turn-on Delay
After turning on, at least 20 mS will be needed for the rise of +5V output voltage (measured from 10% point to 95% point on the waveform) to reach its peak.

Remote ON/OFF control
Logic level is LOW: Output voltage is enabled.

Power-good signal
After power-on with nominal AC input, there might be a turn-on delay between 100 mS to 500mS before the Power Good Signal is issued, which occurs before +5V output reaches its minimum sense level of +4.75V.
When turn-off, the Power Good Signal shall go to a lower level for at least 1 mS before +5V falls under the regulation limit.

Operating environment
Temperature 0 to 40 degree Celsius
Relative Humidity 10 to 90 percent, non-condensing

Shipping and storage
Temperature -40 to +70 degree centigrade
Relative Humidity 5 to 95 percent, non-condensing

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