ITX IDE till compact flash adapter

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IDE till compact flash adapter för ITX moderkort. Inget extra kablage krävs. Man snäpper fast kortet direkt på VIA:s ITX moderkort i IDE kontakten. Otroligt smidigt och kostnadseffektivt sätt att få tillgång till bootbart flashminne.

The IDE to CompactFlash adapter enables OEMs to replace hard disk drives with economical, rugged CompactFlash cards. This is a convenient interface that allows CompactFlash modules to be used in any system that includes a standard IDE 40 pin connector. Once the platform starts with the adapter and the CF card attached, the compactflash module appears to the system to be a standard disk drive. Unlike other flash storage systems such DiskOn-Chip modules this solution does not require drivers or additional software to run the unit. The CF card can be the primary boot device containing the OS and application. A cable (not supplied) between the system and the adapter board makes it possible to mount the adapter to a front-panel bay.

Applications Network appliances such as firewalls or routers. Industrial control, robotics Point of Sales Functional test fixtures for system boards or adapter cards (faster boot time, no spinup delay)

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