Industrial Diskon Module 2 GB

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2GB 40 pin Embedded Disk Card 2000+

Speed up your system with an additional memory support that can connect to your mini ITX’s IDE slot.

The high capacity EDC (Embedded Disk card) memory storage is well suited for solid-state mass storage applications offering new and expanded functionality while enabling cost-effective designs.

It is designed to replace a conventional IDE hard disk drive, and can be plugged into a standard IDE connector commonly found in desktop or portable PC systems.

– Connects to mini ITX’s IDE Slot
– Locked housing design for stability
– Vibration support
– High reliability with 4 bit ECC (Error Correction Code) function
– R/W endurance 4,000,000 Times
Low Power Consumption: 15mA
DC Input Voltage: +3.3V/+5V Single power supply operation
Size: 6.4 x 60.2 x 27.8 mm (WxLxH)
Operating Temp: 10 Degrees ~ +70 Degrees Celsius

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