ALIX chassi Box2C för 3 serien

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Observera att till detta chassi så måste man köpa ett separat metallbläck för det moderkort man avser att använda.

Part numbers

box2c = 1 LAN enclosure, RoHS compliant
Use with wrap2e1
alix3* series
brk3c2 bracket for alix3c2 / with USB opening
brk3c3 bracket for alix3c3 / with USB and VGA / audio openings
pigsma (SMA reverse pigtail)
antsma (SMA reverse antenna)
pigsmaf (SMA female pigtail)
Spec Aluminum Enclosure designed for WRAP.2* / ALIX.3* boards. No cutouts in front. Cutouts for 1 LAN, DC jack, 2 SMA, DB9, 3 LEDs in back.
Dimensions 113 x 163 x 30 mm
Includes Aluminum extrusion, 1.5mm Al end plates, 4 screws, rubber feet, rubber plugs for unused SMA holes. Antenna / pigtails / WRAP board shown are not included !
Assembly notes Tools needed: Phillips screw driver, 5 mm or 3/16″ nut driver. Remove hex nuts from DB9 connector of WRAP board. Mount back plate to WRAP board, replace hex nuts. Slide WRAP board into the enclosure, fasten the back plate using 4 screws. Tip for reinserting self-cutting and plastic screws: To find the start of the existing thread, turn screw counterclockwise first until you feel the start.
Customization Customer silk screen, paint / anodizing, cutouts etc. are possible for volume orders.


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