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Mini PCI trådlöst LAN AR2413 802_11a b g

Mini PCI trådlöst LAN AR2413 802_11a b g

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Part numbers wlm54g23 = Compex WLM54G 23db radio card, RoHS compliant
Chipset Atheros AR2413
Connector u.fl, compatible with PC Engines I-PEX pigtail cables. Pigtail and antenna must be ordered separately.
Issues Must use WRAP BIOS 1.11 or later to use Atheros single chip solutions. Old BIOS does not keep PCI reset active long enough.
Note Wireless radio cards are ESD sensitive, especially the RF switch and the power amplifier. To avoid damage by electrostatic discharge, the following installation procedure is recommended:
  • Touch your hands and the bag containing the radio card to a ground point on the router board (for example one of the mounting holes). This will equalize the potential of radio card and router board.
  • Install the radio card in the miniPCI socket.
  • Install the pigtail cable in the cutout of the enclosure. This will ground the pigtail to the enclosure.
  • Touch the I-PEX connector of the pigtail to the mounting hole (discharge), then plug onto the radio card.
  • Use external lightning protection for outdoor applications.
Compliance These cards are intended for professional use, not end-user installation. This card is not CE marked, not for the EU market.
Manufacturer Compex

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