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ITX Automotive M3-ATX 125W 6 - 24V power supply (12V system)

ITX Automotive M3-ATX 125W 6 - 24V power supply (12V system)

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* Skillnaden mellan M3-ATX och M3-ATX-HV är att M3-ATX är optimerad för 12V matningsspänning (och har högre uteffekt) medan M3-ATX-HV är optimerad för 24V matningsspänning (med något lägre uteffekt). 

En ny smart version av en fordonsdatornätdel. Detta är världens mest kompakta fordonsnätdel och den är fullmatad med funktioner. Man "snäpper" fast den direkt i moderkortets ATX kontakt och den klarar ett inspänningsspann på hela 6 till 24 VDC.  

Plug-In Smart car PC PSU
- 125 Watts (150watt peak) PSU
- 20pin ATX, 6-24V wide input range
- Programmable timing settings
- Intelligent shutdown controller
- ON/OFF motherboard control
- Survives vehicle engine cranks
- Battery deep discharge prevention
- High efficiency, 125 watts output
- "Anti-Thump" Amplifier remote control
- < 0.5mA standby current
- VIA, P4 and AMD CPU support

- ROHS compliant version

This ATX power supply is an intelligent, high power, vehicle (car / boat / electric cart) DC-DC ATX PC power supply designed for car pc or battery powered applications. Designed to provide power and to control the ON/OFF switch of a motherboard (car PC) based on ignition status, the PSU is a wide input (6 to 24V) vehicle / car / battery operated ATX power supply capable of surviving tough car engine cranks (down to 6V) as well as transient over-voltage situations. Just connect it to your car / boat / RV / solar battery and power up your PC!

By using Patent Pending HyperWatt[TM] technologies, the PSU packs an impressive amount of power relative with its very small footprint. This PSU has several key advantages over traditional power supplies:
- Very small, can build ultra-compact PC enclosures and slim server enclosures.
- Programmable shutdown / sleep modes via optional serial cable.
- Fits any motherboard equipped with a 20 or 24pin ATX connector.
- 100% silent, fanless, no moving parts.
- Operates from 6-24V, multi-chemistry batteries supported.
- Highly efficient design, does not produce a lot of heat.
- Ideal for low power Intel Core Duo as well as all VIA or AMD processors.