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Arctic Cooling MX-2 Kylpasta Storpack

Arctic Cooling MX-2 Kylpasta Storpack

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For high demanding applications – new large 30 gram package of MX-2
MX-2 is a high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance compound for components that require optimum thermal dissipation. It is ideally suited for use in CPU, GPU cooling and other applications between power semiconductor components and heat sinks where thermal conductivity is the major factor.

Main Features
High Thermal Conductivity
Low Thermal Resistance
Non-Electrical Conductive
No Curing
No Bleeding

Safe to apply anywhere
Since the MX-2 does not contain any metal particles, there are no problems regarding electrical conductivity or capacitance. Unlike other silver and copper compounds, MX-2 ensures that contact to electrical circuits, pins and leads cannot result in any damage.
Vikt: 30 g
Viskositet: 850 poise
Densitet: 3.96 g/cm³

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